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2018    Waste Not
           by James Beard Foundation, Published by Rizzoli
2017    Feast for the Eyes: The Story of Food in Photography
           by Susan Bright, Aperture Foundation
2015    Capricious Issue No. 16—EX

2019    R.I.T. visiting senior Photography class.
2017    The Ten Most Exciting Photographers I Learned About Last Year
           Phoenix Art Museum Phoenix, AZ (Lecture by Susan Bright)

Honors & Awards
2021    AP 37 Selected Award (Elle) AI-AP
2021    AP 37 Selected Award (Town & Country) AI-AP
2021    The Agents Club - Readers Award (Still Life / Jewelry)
2020    Photo Annual (Magazine/Editorial)
2020    AP 36 Selected Award (Vanity Fair) AI-AP
2019    PDN Photo Annual (Magazine/Editorial)
2019    Winner (Waste Not, Book) - New York Rights Fair.
           TALKING PICTURES: Selected Books celebrates excellence in visual design.
2019    AP 35 Selected Award (Vanity Fair) AI-AP
2019    AP 35 Selected Award (Waste Not, Book) AI-AP
2019    AP 35 Selected Award (Waste Not, Book) AI-AP
2017    AP 33 Selected Award (Fast Company) AI-AP
2017    AP 33 Selected Award (Wired Magazine) AI-AP
2017    AP 33 Selected Award (Wired Magazine) AI-AP
2017    AP 33 Selected Award (Vogue Magazine) AI-AP
2017    AP 33 Selected Award (Bon Appétit) AI-AP
2017    AP 33 Selected Award (Gather Journal) AI-AP
2016    SPD 51 Gold Medal - Photo Story (Gather Journal)
2016    PDN Photo Annual in the Magazine/Editorial category
2016    AP 32 Selected Award (Bloomberg Pursuits) AI-AP
2016    AP 32 Selected Award (Refinery29) AI-AP
2016    PDN30
2014    SPD 49 Gold Medal - Best Story (Gather Journal)